Social Media Marketing in the UK – 3 smart strategies you can use for your brand

November 3, 2018

For all digital marketing experts, social media is becoming the primary place for promoting brands and companies. Social media pages help reach out to millions of customers in a matter of minutes and when social media marketing is strategized right, this is one of the most budget friendly mediums to spread the word about your product or service.

The UK has seen a lot of smart marketing strategies by small and big brands in the last few years. Quirky, smart and attractive campaigns have reached people around the world and have bought a direct impact on people’s mindsets and their buying behaviour. Here are 3 smart strategies you can use for your brand and try and promote it over all social media platforms.

Tap into your customer’s sense of humour

Humour is something that instantly attracts people of all ages and gender. Lots of small companies try keeping their customers hooked on to their social media page by posting funny posts and tweets. Take for instance the brand Innocent Drinks. This is a brand that creates healthy smoothies and juices for the UK population. The brand has 31.3K followers on their Twitter page and their major strategy is to post funny, rib cracking, humorous tweets.


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Get your fans and followers to share your content actively

You cannot force people to share your posts and tweets. The more you start asking people to share content, the less interested they become with your page. Interesting campaigns, offering gifts and prizes for shares and giving people a chance to win competitions on social media helps your post reach more number of people easily. Marc Jacobs gave out free samples of their perfumes when people shared their social media posts. They also allowed customers in London to pay for their products using just shares instead of money. This gave their brand and their posts enormous recognition on social media for several days together.


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Stay proactive and react to everyday information real-time!

There are so many SMEs using digital marketing to promote their page and their posts by just keeping track of interesting happenings real-time. NASA is a good example of how you can use the popularity of an existing day to promote yourself. On World Earth Day, NASA started a hashtag on twitter called #GlobalSelfie. This asked for people to post selfies in their surroundings. NASA then created a mosaic of all these pictures put together and the result was spectacular.


Image source: NASA

People are extremely active online these days and all it takes from your side are smart strategies to reach them out and promote your brand.