Website as a branding and lead generation engine for your business

November 3, 2018

Getting leads for businesses are getting harder than before and digital marketing and sales teams are struggling with cost per lead numbers. Traditional offline leads are becoming rare scenarios and every company or seller is working towards finding customers online.

Did you know that your website is the number one branding and lead generation engine you have? Businesses that do not understand this keep investing in other marketing strategies and lose out on a good chunk of potential sales.

What is a lead and how important it is?

If you are a seller, a lead is a person who contacts you and shows interest in your product or service. Leads from websites happen when the customer fills up a contact form, emails you or gives you a call. Leads are potential clients and you should be open to them at all times and in all forms.


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Websites for lead generation and branding

Your website is the best tool you have to source leads and to showcase your brand image. If your company is aiming for impressive sales figures this year, then you will need to have a high performance website to support this. Having a responsive and functional website serves as a branding tool and also helps get better clicks and conversion rate.

The conversion rate is an important term when lead generation is considered. This talks about the percentage of website traffic that actually converts into a lead. The more the website traffic and the more the conversion rate, the better will be your sales figure.

Ways to drive traffic and improve conversion rate


Blogs are amazing ways to improve your website’s traffic. Blogs with targeted keywords can be shared on social media, promoted and these get direct clicks to your site


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SEO and Digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are services you should definitely invest in. SMEs with the right digital marketing techniques have grown so well in the last few years

Email Marketing

Do not under estimate the power of email marketing. This has been proven to target the right customers and get higher engagement


Invest in analytics. Understand what customers and readers prefer and what kind of content gets attention. Use this information to keep your website active


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Though all these factors can increase your website design and maintenance costs in short term, these are proven to make your website a primary lead generation source over time. Such inbound lead generation techniques are up to 62% cost effective when compared to other traditional methods. Your competitors in the UK are tweaking their marketing strategies and investing a lot in building functional websites for promoting their brand and generating leads. You should be working on this too!