7 Ways In Which Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

February 14, 2019

“Explainer videos- a better way to grow your business”- you must have heard such phrases doing the rounds a million times.

Do these videos really etch a mark on the minds of the audience? The answer is in fact in the affirmative because studies show that visual media gains preference over text and paints an indelible impression.

These explainer videos are animated and float across various social media platforms and on particular websites. These videos walk you through the entire platter of services that a business house or organization offer and the USP of it. Here are seven ways in which the explainer videos can help in the growth of a business.

  1. Grabbing the Attention of Audience

Animated and explainer videos have become the latest trend. They are capable of locking the attention of the audience inside the jail cells of ones’ mind instantly. If you deck your website’s home and landing page with eye-catchy explainer videos, you are already half-way ahead in your marketing quest of harnessing converts. Converting the visitors into prospective leads and into eventual converts will depend upon the artistry of these animated videos.

83% of owners have reported that posting explainer videos on the homepage of the website have enabled them to reap dividends

  1. They Go Viral

There are so many companies out there who popped into the limelight with the viral explainer videos. Not only are these effective and interesting but also circulate as rapid as a wildfire. Nearly 65-70% of people provide consent with sharing brand-related videos. This is a cost-effective tactic, and according to a survey, 72% of the marketers believe that the explainer videos lead to a good ROI on the deliverables and establishing a sustainable model.

  1. Explainer Videos Helps in Reducing the Bounce Rate

77% of the viewers out there watch a 2-minute video without any distractions. If the video is more than 2-minute, then the viewership drops. This means more than half of the visitors of your website stay for more than 2 minutes resulting in a reduction of the bounce rate.


  1. Better Engagement with Users

This is a fast-paced world, and no one has time to go through large chunks of data present on the website. The best way to engage with the audience instantly is through these explainer videos that stamp a mark on the minds

Animated or whiteboard videos create wonderful impressions that explain about your business to the visitors.

  1. Videos are Refined Presentation of the Concepts

It is essential to illustrate the concept clearly and adroitly to the people in order to attract the audience. The videos are an efficient way to explain the content to the visitors checking out the page.

From the type of business you are doing to the products you offer, you can create various explainer videos that will aid in reaching out to a wider audience.

  1. Talking with Customer

It is impossible for any business owner to speak directly with the customers. This issue can be addressed with these explainer videos. If you craft the explainer videos perfectly, you can woo customers with ease.

Crisp, interesting and to the point videos emanate a positive vibe and engages with the visitors directly.

The pro tip here is- do not make the videos too professional. Adding a friendly touch to them can facilitate better reach.

  1. Feedback Received

The internet users these days aren’t scared to vent out their opinions. If your video is good, they will share it all over the internet, and if it lacks the punch, they won’t hesitate to state it. This way you will be able to understand what rolls with the audience and what doesn’t

Explainer videos have indeed made an indelible impact on the marketing realm. These videos have the capability to attract more visitors to your website and turn them into prospective customers. A survey confirmed that nearly 64% of the owners admitted that these videos helped in boosting their sales.