Examples of how profitable video content marketing can be for the UK businesses

November 3, 2018

Content marketing is a term that all digital marketing professionals take very seriously. This, in fact, forms the roots of their marketing strategies. Content marketing is creating useful, informative, and engaging content that helps convert information seekers to potential customers. Content has remained the king of online marketing and will remain so in the future too.

YouTube is the next biggest search engine after Google. The interest people are showing to videos has increased dramatically in the last few years. If you are not tapping on video content marketing, you are missing out on a huge chunk of customers on social media. According to a recent research done in the UK, about 86% of brands use content marketing as an important online marketing approach.

Below are 3 examples of how successful brands have been to adapt to video content marketing and how your SME digital marketing team can replicate the same.

Birchbox making a huge difference with its YouTube page

Birchbox is a brand very popular in all parts of the United Kingdom. This brand sells personalized gift boxes of samples of new cosmetics and skin care products for men and women. The brand has its own YouTube page filled with DIY tutorials, unboxing videos and also uses a lot of top YouTube influencers to promote their products. Their videos are virally watched and shared on social media and have millions of views.

Image source: Pixabay

Live videos with Rimmel’s ‘Live the London look’

Rimmel is a British cosmetic brand and this brand has been working on a tagline ‘Live the London look’ for a long time now. The brand’s Instagram page creates and promotes a lot of video content for its users. There are also live videos of DIY tutorials and makeup trends posted that get thousands of views. You can definitely try going live to capture the interests of the audience.

Saddleback creating indirect leads with educational videos and documentaries

Saddleback is a leather brand based out of the UK. This brand has a very engaging content team that creates promotional films, educational videos, documentaries and entertaining videos. Their products are not mentioned on most of these videos, yet the brand manages to create indirect leads with such content. This is a smart strategy you can use to engage viewers and to slowly make them show interest in your product or service.

Videos are the future of online marketing. If you have not started taking a serious look at them, then you should start off right away. Good videos are going to be the deal breaker between viral posts and those that disappear without a trace.